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Anatomical Teddy

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Anatomical Teddy
Model: ted01
Price: $199.00

Weight: 3lbs

Date Added: Saturday 12 July, 2008
Teach Your Child About Upcoming Surgeries or Procedures! Our anatomical Teddy designed by Thomas Zupke in Berlin for a very special reason- When he ... more info


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... more info
Model: Francesca
Price: $49.95

Weight: 3lbs

Date Added: Monday 14 July, 2008
I am a wonderful artist! "Flowers and animals are what I enjoy painting in Northern Europe. Are you ready to be creative together?" She is our ... more info

Sibling Dolls

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Sibling Dolls
Price: $24.95

Weight: 0lbs

Date Added: Thursday 06 October, 2011
A Great Gift for the Sibling of a Down Child! While it is truly special that you came here today to purchase a Down Syndrome Doll for a special needs ... more info

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