Sibling Dolls


A Great Gift for the Sibling of a Down Child!



While it is truly special that you came here today to purchase a Down Syndrome Doll for a special needs child, hopefully you didn’t forget about their brothers and sisters. Because when that shiny new package arrives in the mail, we definitely don’t want to have anyone feeling left out!

Our Sibling Dolls are constructed with the same world-class craftsmanship and loving care as the specialty dolls, and they will each come with a hand-crafted outfit that your child is sure to love! Our sibling dolls also come packed in a heavy-duty carrying pouch which is great for trips to the local park or to keep this special doll looking like new when its not being played with.

Please note that the outfits are hand-made and may vary from the photographs, depending on the materials available.

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 16 in


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