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"With approximately 5,000 children born with Down Syndrome in the United States each year, the Down Syndrome Dolls will be an important resource for families who have a child with the condition, or for organizations and medical providers that serve these special youngsters...parents, teachers, and physicians throughout Europe have found the dolls are shared with siblings and friends, they can help foster a better understanding of the human body for children and people with special needs"

Designed by a pediatrician, our dolls realistically reflect the following characteristics of Down Syndrome

  • Ears: Small ears set low on head with a fold at the top

  • Mouth: Small mouth

  • Tongue: Protruding tongue

  • Fingers: Shortened fingers 

  • Eyes: Almond shaped eyes

  • Hand: Horizontal crease in palm of hand

  • Toes: Gap between 1st and 2nd toe

  • Head: Flattened back of head

  • Nose: Flattened bridge across nose


Chemo Friends
Chemo Friends (coming soon....)

by HEST, of Europe
NEW!  First time in USA!


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